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The Synergy Application Suite is the next step in increasing patient satisfaction and practice revenue.

Synergy Infoconnect MSSP ACO Analytics Software

The Complete Solution for Medicare ACO, BHI, and CCM Programs

The Synergy Infoconnect data analytics suite effectively manages operations while achieving significant cost savings and improving patient care. 

We have developed a comprehensive set of HIPPA compliant, cloud-based applications designed specifically for population health management and integration. Our modular solutions enable providers to track patients health statuses and influence their health outcomes using intuitive dashboards, preventative care, and chronic care protocols. This improves patient health while eliminating significant costs associated with adverse events and lapses in care.

Synergy Infoconnect’s EHR solutions will empower provider engagement in your ACOs through quantitative reasoning.

With Synergy Infoconnect, you get:

  • A reliable, fast, secure platform hosted on AWS and powered by Oracle database.
  • A proven track record of successful ACO shared savings.
  • Standard and specialized analytics reports
  • Secure and easy-to-use cloud-based software, accessible from desktop and mobile devices. 
  • The ability to manage, maximize, and grow your assigned ACO patient population. 
  • Tools to help you recognize high-risk patients
  • Efficiently update behavioral health and chronic care plans
  • Increased revenue through reduced ACO costs and/or increased BHI and CCM billing. 
  • Individualized Patient Care Protocols. 
  • Increased quality of care. 
  • Key metrics to effectively manage your ACO, BHI, and/or CCM populations. 
  • Advanced population analytics
  • HIPAA compliant EHR software


Select a complete solution or customize your own by combining different modules.

Complete ACO Solution

Health Exchange (HX)- The HX module enables ACOs to manage and improve key indicators of success on the ACO, physician, and patient level. Using the HX Module, ACOs can:
  • Manage beneficiary attribution:
    – Track and manage fluctuation in quarterly patient assignment.
    – Track and manage data sharing preference of patients by physician.
  • Maximize HCC Risk Score.
  • Provide actionable data that identifies Quality Gaps.
  • Track and manage total and location-specific utilization to identify areas for improvement.
Case Management (CM) – The CM module increases the efficiency of care teams through:
  • High-risk Patient Identification: Beneficiary risk arrangements in order to identify high-risk patients with conditions that respond well to case management.
  • Condition-Based Interventions: Employ evidence-based interventions designed with input from our physician advisory board.
  • Workflow Optimization: Our easy-to-use platform makes documentation and scheduling a breeze. Having all information in one EHR system reduces data collection and streamlines care transitions between different members of the care team.

Complete BHI/CCM Solution

Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) / Chronic Care Management (CCM)
  • Identification of Eligible Patients.
  • Easy-to-use application to effectively manage BHI and CCM patients per Medicare requirements.
  • Patient-specific care plans based on patient’s chronic conditions.
  • Built-in behavioral health forms
  • Automatic BHI calculations
  • Weekly/Monthly patient summaries.
  • Weekly/Monthly Billing Reports.
Patient Portal
  • Secure, 24/7 access to medical records.
  • Bi-directional collaboration between patients and care team.
BHI/CCM Software For Your Care Team
  • Utilize our BHI/CCM note module to monitor your care team’s performance
  • Optimize your care team management
  • Increase productivity and revenue
Don’t have the staff to provide BHI and CCM Services? We have you covered. We offer the following:
  • Cost effective, qualified clinical staff.
  • Certified health personnel.
  • Provision of BHI and CCM services (e.g. phone calls).
  • Documentation of BHI and CCM services.
  • Assistance with patient data integration.


Independent Physicians / IPA:

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Existing Medicare ACOs:

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