$41.8 Million in Medicare Savings

Synergy Infoconnect helped generate $41.8 million in Medicare savings. 

Achieve ACO Savings

Our ACO analytics software utilizes Medicare beneficiary claims data to provide the physicians the ability to target areas of patient care improvement, enhance their practices’ financial stability, and create a strong, stable foundation for an ACO’s growth. 

Increase Physician Practice Revenue

Synergy’s ACO, BHI, and CCM tools help you to cut down unnecessary healthcare costs and increase revenue.

Synergy serves Medicare Acountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and physicians by analyzing the financial and quality data, creating coordinated care solutions and providing revenue stream opportunities. 

Key Practice Benefits:

  • Targeted patient care appointments
  • Increased preventative care solutions.
  • Reduction of physician’s tasks.
  • Removal of unnecessary office staff duties.
  • Streamlined workflows.
  • Increased Medicare reimbursement rates.
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction.
  • Improved Risk Adjustment (HCC) Analytics & Reporting
  • Provider Engagement
Synergy Infoconnect Data Analysis

Streamline Operations, Provide Targeted Care, Increase Revenue

Your Primary Resource for:


  • Effective Patient Population Management
  • Lowering Medicare Costs
  • Increased Efficiency of Patient Care Management
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