Medicare Billing Analytics

When joining an accountable care organization (ACO), your job is to work with other physicians in your organization to cut down costs for Medicare. This can be done through revised care plans. The problem with this is that it is very resource intensive for an ACO to do it by itself, as there are delays within the Healthcare claims processing department. With Synergy Infoconnect, our software will analyze your Medicare management data and return to you actionable insights that can be used immediately. Our easy-to-understand reports can quickly identify what types of operations are eating into your patients’ Medicare budget.

Alongside the reports, we also provide an easy-to-use application that will correctly report your savings to Medicare, thus ensuring your extra revenue from them. Any mistakes on the reports can easily push back the time that you will receive your money.

Synergy Infoconnect works in tandem with patient care and patient management

Assured Synergy Benefits:


Up-to-date Insights

Analyze the efficiency of your Medicare operations with customizable reports

Actionable Reports

Create updated care plans with easy-to-read reports


Timely Revenue Stream

Rest easy knowing that all Medicare reports will be filled out quickly and correctly, with no delay in the Medicare savings process. 

Detail-Oriented Care Management Team

We provide a team of trained care managers that can input all your Medicare data. No need to go through training to use our application.